You Can Do Something About Arthritis Pain!

Arthritis affects more than 46 million Americans, and millions more are at risk for the condition. Are you one of them?

A survey provided by the AARP would suggest that you very well might be. To find out, take a look at the following statements, and see which ones apply.

  • You are over the age of 45.
  • You are 10 pounds or more overweight.
  • You have had a serious knee injury.
  • You did, or currently do, spend more than three hours per day doing heavy lifting on a regular basis.

If any one of these conditions applies to you, then chances are good that you are at risk for arthritis.

Such a broad survey might seem overly simplistic, but it makes sense when you consider the broad scope of arthritis’s reach. Arthritis is a blanket term that describes more than 100 specific medical conditions ranging from back pain to fibromyalgia. Generally speaking, arthritis deals with problems of the joints, which include swelling, pain, stiffness, and joint damage. In these terms, it is easy to see just how prevalent arthritis can really be.

Dee Sanders, a Director from San Antonio, developed carpal tunnel syndrome – a form of arthritis that affects the wrists – and was very happy to find relief in the AIM products.

“In 2003 I was working as a computer program analyst and was required to use the computer mouse a lot for spreadsheets. I started suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain was from the wrist to the elbow, and I was gravely concerned about having to retire early and have surgery on my wrist.

“My upline, Star Sapphire Director Betty Casey, asked me if I had ever tried the glucosamine in AIM Frame Essentials®. It was foreign to me at that time, but I said I would give it a try. I took two capsules morning, noon, and night. I can honestly say that within three weeks the pain subsided. I then went to two capsules daily. I have not had an occurrence of carpal since!”

Glucosamine is the key ingredient in Frame Essentials. It stimulates the growth and repair of cartilage, helping joints to heal and recover faster and more effectively. Frame Essentials also contains methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Boswellia serrata. MSM is found in healthy joint fluid. Boswellia extract helps improve blood supply to the joints, which helps reduce joint swelling and pain.

Together, these three ingredients help make Frame Essentials a powerful joint supplement and one that many Members – like Cathy Palacios, a Preferred Member from Pharr, Texas – can’t imagine living without. She was tired of suffering from pain in her hands, elbows, and shoulders.

“A wonderful friend of mine introduced me to AIM products and told me she thought I would really benefit from taking them. I read all about Frame Essentials and decided to take them. In a matter of days I felt relief, and I’ve been on them ever since. I maintain with two capsules a day.

“I’m 65 years young and I do altar service at Mass that requires me to kneel several times on the tile floor, especially when I do the incense in front of the altar. I can honestly say that I never complain about joint pains. ”

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