Fiber Can Play a Vital Role in Weight Management

It’s a typical Monday morning when 10:25 rolls around and you can hear the vending machine in the break room calling your name. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mix up a great tasting smoothie that contained only 60 calories and suppressed your urge to raid the vending machine? AIM has created just such a product.

Many of us find ourselves at a dietary crossroads every day of our lives. This can range from deciding whether to succumb to the call of the vending machine or indulging in that extra slice of pizza after a stressful day at work. When these decisions arise there are other physical and environmental factors such as lack of sleep, poor diet, stress, and/or depression that can play a major role in our ability to make the healthy dietary choice. The regulation of appetite is critical to our ability to overcome these challenges. The hypothalamus (sector of the brain) that regulates the appetite uses hormonal levels to determine appetite. Genetics along with environmental influences such as stress can disrupt these levels and our appetite. As a result, many of us have a decreased response to satiety (feeling full), which may promote the development of obesity.

Obesity can be identified by your body mass index (BMI). According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height for an adult female is 5´4˝ and her weight is 163 pounds.
(Note: 703 in the equation is a constant number that is the same for everyone.)

If your BMI is higher than 30 you are considered obese. Overweight is defined as a BMI that ranges from 25 – 29.9. Most people are surprised when their BMI is more than 30. They may realize they were overweight but never considered themselves to be obese. Obesity is one of the leading preventable causes of death worldwide.

AIM fit ’n fiber can be a tool used to make healthy dietary decisions while trying to reduce BMI. fit ’n fiber provides a feeling of fullness after consumption that can suppress appetite. fit ’n fiber provides 10 grams of soluble fiber and two grams of insoluble fiber. Fiber itself contains no calories. Insoluble fiber removes intestinal debris while soluble fiber exits the stomach more slowly and helps keep hunger at bay.

We suggest that new users start with one scoop of fit ’n fiber and gradually increase to two scoops once daily for convenience. The use of one scoop twice a day taken at critical snacking times can also be an effective calorie cutting strategy. Some individuals may find greater success in early morning consumption while others may find that late evening intake may help to curb unhealthy late night snacking. We also recommend that everyone consume at least eight glasses of water a day to maximize the effectiveness of the fiber; this also improves overall health and limits overeating.

fit ’n fiber has been formulated as a healthy dietary alternative that curbs appetite at vulnerable times in the day plus provides an excellent source of fiber. Combined with proper diet and exercise, fit ’n fiber can decrease your BMI and improve your nutritional outlook.

So next Monday morning suppress those urges to consume a 350-calorie bag of potato chips with a 140-calorie can of soda by indulging in a great-tasting orchard peach smoothie that can help you get through your day without the vending machine guilt.

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