Beyond Survival

'Wahoo, I’m alive, well, and enjoying incredible health.'

Look in the mirror, says AIM Royal Emerald Director Linda Cole. And you should be looking at your primary health care provider. In October Linda will note her 11th year as what is commonly called a breast cancer survivor. Linda prefers to describe herself as a “cancer victor because I have taken an active role in my health, studying what my body needs, and then supplying my cells with what they need.”

The statistics on breast cancer are numbing. There are 200 different types of cancer. Lung cancer is the most common cancer killer. However, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, striking one in seven. In the United States, 210,000 cases are diagnosed annually; 40,000 women die each year of the disease. Breast cancer accounts for one-third of all diagnosed cancers. It is even a threat to men, though nothing like the sheer numbers impacting women. There are 2,000 cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually for men; and there are 400 deaths from it yearly.

Linda’s voyage to an 11-year “victor” began with the removal of a lump and 23 lymph nodes. Her medical team recommended six months of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation, and five years of drug use. “I refused all of them,” says Linda, “after considering the options and remembering how my best friend had died.” The option she chose was AIM. “Thanks be to God and AIM because the AIM health products are supplying my body with what it needs to do what God created it to do – heal naturally.”

Linda says she has taken all of the AIM products at one time or another but she has her favorites that are part of her daily routine. At the top of the list are AIM Garden Trio®, AIM Herbal Fiberblend®, and AIM Renewed Balance®. “I feel the main foundation for my health is AIM BarleyLife®.”

Linda and her husband, Dave, have been married for 45 years and live in Arlington, Washington. They have three children, all of whom are AIM Members. Two are Directors. She has one sister, also an AIM Member. Linda and Dave have three grandchildren. To say that Linda is enthusiastic about life and her Christianity is an understatement. “Dave and I love to dance, walk, hike, bike, camp, fish, travel, volunteer at church as well as put on AIM health classes, seminars, meetings – to help others find their pathway to health.”

Many people who have experienced life-threatening illnesses say it is the last thing they think of when they go to sleep and the first thing they think of when they awaken. For Linda, the keys to coping are faith in God and knowledge of her disease. “Having faith is the mainstay for any challenge. God created a self-healing body and all things are possible with God. He does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.”

Linda uses her sound mind to acknowledge the benefits of medical technology. She knows that a mammogram can detect breast cancer as early as three years before a lump is noticed. Mammograms, testing, and various treatment modalities – natural and traditional – have made it possible for 2 million women to be classed as breast cancer survivors. During the past 11 years she has had periodic blood tests and diagnostic testing. “We have to know where we are through testing to know what our part is and how to meet our body’s need for healing.”

Dene Cole is 44 years old, the Coles’ oldest child. He had juvenile diabetes, which led to loss of sight, a stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. His wife, Nell, was also a diabetic and was blind, but passed away from complications from her many illnesses. Dene now takes several AIM products, has adopted a vegetarian diet, and is improving his quality of life. He is an inspiration to all who know him, not the least of whom is his mother. “He gave me the best piece of advice I have ever received,” says Linda. “He told me to walk by faith, not by sight. This has kept me focused, knowing that all things are possible with faith.”

Linda is proactive by spreading the word about taking control of your own health decisions. “I tell people to see yourself healed and take responsibility for your part in supplying your body with what it needs to heal. Do not be a victim, be responsible. Educate yourself, make a plan, take a stand, walk the walk, choose life, health, hope, and happiness.”

Understanding the mystery of healing is not complicated, according to Linda. “If you cut yourself, you heal. Same for the inside: We are made out of cells and every cell needs pure fresh air, water, movement, and proper nutrition.” It is the proper nutrition, the AIM products, that creates the glow that accompanies Linda as she goes about her life. “I always took vitamin pills, supplements, etc., my whole life from a well-known health company and I still got cancer. I have concluded that our bodies were created to run on natural, whole grown foods, not man’s idea to alter them in any way. AIM Garden Trio® – barley, beets, carrots – are nature’s living, whole foods already juiced and ready to fuel my cells naturally and helping my pH stay alkaline. AIM Herbal Fiberblend® helps to cleanse my colon for a healthy body system.”

Linda calls the AIM products “my support system, supplying me with what I need and my body needs to keep me on my pathway to health.” She is not idle in her belief in the AIM products. She is a teleclass facilitator, assisting Members with their understanding and use of the AIM products. Take a look at the roster for the monthly teleclasses and one name pops up for almost every class: Linda Cole. She wants to know as much as she can about the products to fill in the blanks in how she conducts her life. Have a plan, establish a course of action to get there. “The plan works if you work the plan. You need to know what the plan is and are you applying it daily.”

Ron Heagy, a quadriplegic who has spoken at the past three AIM conventions, celebrates life each morning when he awakens with a simple statement. “I woke up breathing this morning. It is going to be a good day.” For Linda, she uses one of her favorite words, “wahoo,” to express the joy of life: “Wahoo, I’m alive, well, and enjoying incredible health.”
As much as Linda is enamored of the AIM products, she also counts herself fortunate to have come in contact with other AIM Members, staff, and owners. “The people in AIM are incredible. They are dedicated, we have amazing owners, everyone is such a great support system. I really feel that we are a family on a quest to share with people that they don’t have to be sick. AIM Members want you to make your life count, don’t always follow the crowd, follow the narrow path that leads to life.”

Wahoo to that!

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